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          Amazing rime scenery seen at Kurbin River in NE China更多 >>
          • The academys Sun said Beijings engagement in South Asian affairs has helped ease relations between India and Pakistan.
          • In Europe, it would take four years.
          • Therefore, we invested an additional 200 million yuan to build the dam so that it can simultaneously drain some water from the bottom and some from above to raise the water temperature, which will be helpful to fish downstream, Wang said.
          • China launched a massive anti-corruption campaign in late 2012, shortly after the new leadership was elected.
          • Akram Yosri, a managing partner at 3iCapital Group, said he wanted to know more about how the company planned to grow globally, especially how it plans to compete with Amazon Inc and eBay Inc in the US.
          • But the ministry has also approved certain colleges to offer new majors, such as education and rehabilitation studies at East China Normal University, Amharic and Kyrgyz at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, and traditional medicine of the Dai ethnicity at the Yunnan Traditional Chinese Medicine College.
          • Malaysia is an important nation on the ancient Maritime Silk Road, and the country has supported the Belt and Road Initiative from the very beginning, Xi said.
          • Price from Antal called it a dangerous precedent, which could be seen as putting a price on the health of individual workers.
          • Premier Li Keqiang also told rescue workers to put lives first, save trapped people and treat the wounded immediately.
          • It is much more challenging to try to forecast earthquakes, he said.
          • Indoor air population causes an average of 304 deaths per day in China, China Youth Daily reported Thursday, quoting a survey.
          • Chinese law firms will have to help them improve ability to control the legal risk, he said.
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